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Group 360 Assessments Are What We Do Best
Group 360 Assessments Are
What We Do Best

Origin recently conducted a 360 assessment of 13,541 managers
globally and across all levels within the client organisation issuing
11,893 individual feedback reports. By adopting our professionally
managed phased-approach all this was achieved in as little
as 2 months!
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Large-scale Online 360 Assessments
Large-scale 360 Assessments

“from the planning phase, through to the execution system,
and technical support, you have once again enabled
us to facilitate the process within the group, with confidence.
Of special note is your willingness to accommodate certain
special requests and deviations from the status quo.”
Nadine Fedeli -- Manager HR: PSS Talent Management
OD & Change Sasol Shared Services Sasolburg.
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Our Clients
Our Clients

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Why Choose Origin?

Why Choose Origin?

We do the work. This frees up your resources to focus on daily tasks. Our dedicated team of young professionals have the know-how and experience to get a quality job done each and every time.

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360 Assessments

360 Assessments

What we do best. Origin has developed a proven, unique methodology for running 360 assessments.

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Get To Know Us

Get To Know Us

Origin is young and ambitious. The business has evolved over a period of some 15 years. We are now clearly focused on becoming the best measurement solutions provider in the enterprise feedback arena.

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What We Can Do For You

What We Can Do For You

Take the weight off your shoulders. All we need is a clear understanding of your measurement objectives and a list of people participating.

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Welcome to the Human Age

Posted on: March 4th, 2013 by Liesel Burrows

Forget the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, it’s the dawn of a brand new era – and one which world leaders are singing about. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO Jeffry Joerres proclaimed that the world has entered the Human Age.

As the head of a Fortune 150 company operating in 82 countries and territories, Jeffrey is not a careless town crier. His dramatic declaration came after considerable exposure to global megatrends and mounting evidence from every corner.

In his paper entitled “The Human Age”, Jeffrey makes the point that optimising human potential will become the single most important determinant of future business success and economic growth.

“Unleashing potential will become the ultimate quest that we must seek to conquer as the world enters the Human Age… Previous eras were defined first by the raw materials our ancestors bent to their will – stone, iron and bronze; then they were characterized by the domains people conquered with ever-improving technology – industry, space and information. Now, it will be human potential itself that will be the catalyst for change and the global driving force – economically, politically and socially.”

He goes on to outline how businesses and governments will have to evolve their strategies and structures to succeed in the Human Age.

“Employers need to adjust their mindset to ensure that they have the right workforce models and people practices in place to attract, retain and unleash this inner human potential.”

Highlighting the critical need for Talent Management, Joerres points out the increasing paradox of high levels of unemployment and yet gaping job vacancies. According to ManpowerGroup’s most recent Talent Shortage Survey of more than 35,000 employers across 36 countries, more than 30 percent are struggling to fill desperately-needed jobs in order to succeed.

“To thrive and grow, companies and governments will need to engage and motivate older workers to remain in the workforce longer, and find a way to attract and train their youth… Likewise, individuals will also be challenged to maintain a ‘learning mindset’ to ensure they continue to develop and unleash their optimum human potential throughout their careers.”

Origin, through its specialised approach to 360 Assessments, is clearly focused on identifying this human potential and guiding its development. We are steadfast in our belief that developing and growing one’s people is the surest way to grow one’s business – now and into the new age ahead.

To read Jeffry Joerres’ full paper on The Human Age, click here.

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