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Group 360 Assessments Are What We Do Best
Group 360 Assessments Are
What We Do Best

Origin recently conducted a 360 assessment of 13,541 managers
globally and across all levels within the client organisation issuing
11,893 individual feedback reports. By adopting our professionally
managed phased-approach all this was achieved in as little
as 2 months!
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Large-scale Online 360 Assessments
Large-scale 360 Assessments

“from the planning phase, through to the execution system,
and technical support, you have once again enabled
us to facilitate the process within the group, with confidence.
Of special note is your willingness to accommodate certain
special requests and deviations from the status quo.”
Nadine Fedeli -- Manager HR: PSS Talent Management
OD & Change Sasol Shared Services Sasolburg.
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Our Clients
Our Clients

Origin is the measurement solutions provider to some of South Africa’s most prestigious and successful organizations. Click here to see our client list.

Get In Touch With Origin
Get In Touch With Origin

Origin measures what matters most -
People, Performance, and Perceptions.
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Why Choose Origin?

Why Choose Origin?

We do the work. This frees up your resources to focus on daily tasks. Our dedicated team of young professionals have the know-how and experience to get a quality job done each and every time.

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360 Assessments

360 Assessments

What we do best. Origin has developed a proven, unique methodology for running 360 assessments.

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Get To Know Us

Get To Know Us

Origin is young and ambitious. The business has evolved over a period of some 15 years. We are now clearly focused on becoming the best measurement solutions provider in the enterprise feedback arena.

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What We Can Do For You

What We Can Do For You

Take the weight off your shoulders. All we need is a clear understanding of your measurement objectives and a list of people participating.

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Our Approach – We Believe In Values

…the modern world, …, is not impenetrable, is not unknowable, and-if the right questions are asked-is even more intriguing than we think. All it takes is a new way of looking. FREAKONOMICS: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything By Levitt, Steven

At Origin we take a different approach to organisational measurement. Our measurement solutions are about looking at things in a new way and assisting you to ask the right questions of the right people adopting the most appropriate survey method.

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Ultimately, the Origin approach and the manner in which we serve our stakeholders are best explained by our shared values:

Innovative – We strive as individuals and as an organisation for excellence. We continuously look for new ways of doing things.
We thrive on change. We are forward-looking and aim to be the leaders in our field and the benchmark in our industry.

Original – We have developed the Origin way in order to achieve service excellence.  Our approach is authentic – not copied from others.
We aim to clearly differentiate our offering and make it unique.

Reliable – We can be trusted and depended on. We provide a consistent quality of service and never fall short of the mark in delivering
what we undertake. What we say, we do.

Evolving – We adapt to the environment around us. We continually learn from what we do.
We are willing to modify past practices and behaviours.

Passionate – We enjoy our work and can’t imagine doing anything else. We believe in the value of what we do.
We know we can make a difference to all stakeholders through the service we deliver.

Rigorous – We are thorough and accurate in all we do. We pay deliberate attention to detail, where it matters, and do not get sidetracked by
issues that don’t matter. We do things properly ourselves and demand the same of others.

Intent on going above & beyond – We believe in exceeding expectations and delivering value without exception.
We set out to achieve complete customer satisfaction on each and every project. We are prepared to go the extra mile for our stakeholders.

Our Tagline